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Kameleon FireEx KFX® is a leading CFD simulator, dedicated to gas dispersion, flare and fire simulation.

Main characteristics of KFX® are:

  • KFX® is a three-dimensional transient finite-volume CFD code.
  • KFX(R) is dedicated to gas dispersion, flares and fires, and all kind of fires can be simulated
  • KFX® includes CAD import capabilities (PDS, PDMS, IGES, Flacs macro, others).
  • KFX® is interfaced with the finite-element structure response codes Fahts/Usfos for dynamic structural response analysis.
  • KFX® includes detailed Lagrangian models for fire mitigation by water systems, for instance water mist systems, water curtains, deluge, sprinklers.
  • KFX® includes efficient and user-friendly pre- and postprocessor capabilities, including options for animation of simulation results and “moving cameras” through simulations.
  • KFX® was originally developed by ComputIT/NTNU/SINTEF with the partners Statoil (N), Total (F), ENI-group (I), ConocoPhillips (N,USA), Gaz de France (F), Ruhrgas (D) and Sandia National Laboratories (USA).
  • KFX® is used for a large number of industrial analyses world wide for more than 20 years.

KFX® has been continuously developed since the seventies, and KFX® is also today under continuous development through R&D Programs. The KFX® development is carried out in collaboration with our industrial partners, research partners and customers , such as Statoil, Total, ENI-group, ConocoPhillips, Gassco, GdF Suez, BP, Sandia National Laboratories, in addition to engineering companies, risk management companies and universities worldwide.

KFX® model spesifications:


KFX® license structures varies from academic licenses to fully commercial licenses.  Licenses

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