Flare Analysis - Reference projects


A detailed list of our reference projects can be provided upon request.

Examples from our project portfolio are given below:

  • Protection by radiation shielding and water monitors for a temporary tower at Kristin platform
  • Flare Analysis -  Snorre A platform
  • Flare Analysis -  Sleipner B platform
  • Flare Analysis Visund Platform
  • Flare Analysis -  Snorre A
  • Flare Analysis -  Oseberg D
  • Flare Analysis – Sleipner B
  • Flare Analysis – Njord A
  • Flare Analysis Easington Terminal. Radiation, noise, startup, ignition
  • Ringhorne flare analysis
  • Flare analysis – Tyrihans/Åsgard B
  • Åsgard Flare System Analysis
  • Åsgard Fire accident in flare system
  • Evaluation of explosive gas clouds from natural gas leaks, France
  • Fire and Flare Analysis– Ringhorne Platform
  • Temperature Analysis of the Derrick Exposed to the Flare, Grane
  • Flare Radiation Analysis, Grane
  • Numerical analysis of exhaust dispersion and flare gas dispersion on the Ringhorne platform.
  • Flare Impact Study, Åsgard B Floater
  • Flare Thermal Study – Girassol Project, Angola
  • Environmental flow study, Laminaria
  • Flare analysis Njord
  • Flare boom analysis Visund
  • Flame- temperature- and stress analysis Njord
  • Fire and Flare Impact Studies, Sleipner Vest SLT
  • Environmental Flow Study, Troll Olje
  • Environmental Flow Study, Sleipner Vest SLT
  • Frigg Flare Radiation
  • Heidrun Flare Impact Study
  • Environmental Flow Study, Troll Olje
  • Environmental Flow Study, Heidrun
  • Environmental Flow Study, Brage
  • Flare Study, Brage
  • Flare Study, Draugen
  • Flare Study - Statfjord
  • Flare Radiation Study - Oseberg Phase 2
  • Oseberg Field Center. Flare Radiation Study
  • Gas Dispersion and Heat Radiation Study Sealine Blowdown Study
  • Flare Study - Gyda
  • Flare Study - Oseberg
  • Flare Studies - Oseberg A
  • Flare Study - Heimdal
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