Offshore Fire - Reference projects


A detailed list of our reference projects can be provided upon request.

Examples from our project portfolio are given below:

  • Fire impact on flare boom, Heimdal platform
  • Deluge analysis, Snorre A
  • Design of temporary water monitor system for protection during deluge maintenance, Ekofisk field
  • Fire Response and Protection Analysis, Gjøa Platform
  • Fire Response and Protection Analysis Njord Platform
  • Fire Risk Analysis of the Vincent FPSO
  • Fire Response Analysis Snorre A
  • Structural response to fires and optimization of PFP on the Skarv FPSO
  • Heat Loads from Jet Flames, Comparison with Experiments
  • Fire Protection Study – Ula D
  • Fire Integrity Analysis -  Gjøa platform
  • Fire simulations - Atlantis platform
  • Analysis of possibility and consequences of Fires in MEG/water mixture -  Gullfaks C
  • Fire in exhaust stack, use of fire water for mitigation/extinction -  Åsgard B
  • Analysis of fire in turret – Alvheim FPSO
  • Fire Analysis – Valhall
  • Fire Integrity Analysis – ULA field
  • Gas dispersion and fire analysis – Snorre A platform
  • Fire analysis with respect to structure integrity – Snorre A Platform
  • Fire simulation/smoke dispersion on the Plutonio FPSO
  • Fire Analysis Tyra East
  • Structural consequences of fires – Snorre A
  • Integrated Fire Analysis Snorre platform
  • Åsgard Fire accident in flare system
  • Ringhorne/Jurassic Fire Analysis
  • Integrated fire analysis – Troll A
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis – BP Atlantis Project
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis – Ekofisk
  • Integrated Fire Analysis – Kristin Topsides
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis – BP Mad Dog Platform
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis - BP Marlin Platform
  • Fire Hazard Analysis – Kizomba FPSO
  • Fire on Sea Analysis – Kristin platform
  • Fire on Sea, Utility Shaft Analysis – Statfjord
  • Analysis of process equipment exposed to fires
  • Integrated fire analysis and optimization of passive fire protection, Kvitebjørn
  • Exhaust and smoke dispersion, Valhall
  • Structural Fire Analysis, Eldfisk 2/7B
  • Optimization of passive fire protection, Ringhorne
  • Structural Fire Analysis, Eldfisk
  • Fire development and smoke dispersion, Ringhorne
  • Fire mitigation by use of water systems, Statfjord
  • Heimdal HMP 1 fire analysis
  • Fire Impact Study, Eldfisk 2/7A
  • Fire Analysis of Snorre B Floater
  • Huldra Tie-In, Heat load analysis Veslefrikk B
  • Water Deluge System on Statfjord C
  • Terra Nova Field Development Project. Smoke, Gas Dispersion & Fire Consequence Study
  • Fire calculations due to riser rupture – Hod field
  • Jet fire calculations on process deck – Troll C
  • Fire calculations – Valhall
  • Jet fire performance from high pressure and high temperature release of hydrocarbons
  • Environmental flow study, Laminaria
  • Fire Analysis, Ekofisk II 2/4 J
  • Fire and Gas Dispersion Study, Sleipner Vest SLT
  • Temperature and Stress Analysis of a Production Riser and an Export Gas Riser Engulfed by Hydrocarbon Fires - Heidrun
  • Pool Fires in the Magnus Platform
  • Heidrun Platform, Global Fire Load Study
  • Transient Fire Development and Smoke Distribution, Scandinavian Star Accident Investigation
  • Mathematical Modeling of Hydrocarbon Pool Fires
  • Jet Fires in Process Environment
  • Fully Three-Dimensional Numerical Calculation of an Experimental Blow-Out situation, with and without Combustion, inside a Drilling Module
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