Combustion Technology - Reference projects


A detailed list of our reference projects can be provided upon request.

Examples from our project portfolio are given below:

  • New burner design with focus on stability and low NOx emissions from a furnace at Kårstø
  • Burner Stability and Low NOx Emissions from a furnace at Kårstø – design modifications and optimization
  • Flame Stability Analysis in VOC furnace at Kårstø
  • KFX Fluidized Bed Simulator. Combustion in Fluidized Bed for Reduction of Emissions to the Atmosphere - Hansol Korea
  • Development of design basis for a reactor for production of carbon black from natural gas
  • NOx reduction in steam boilers by numerical analysis at Scanraff’s refinery, Sweden
  • Optimization of heat loads in a refinery furnace by numerical simulations, Scanraff, Sweden
  • Numerical Calculation of Combustion in EDC-Cracker
  • Kårstø Development Project, CFD Analysis
  • Reduction of Emissions from Power Plants, Vattenfall, Sweden
  • Low-NOx modification on Neste steam Boiler
  • Numerical simulation of flow and combustion in Foster-Wheeler burner at Kårstø
  • Numerical modeling of furnace at Heleneholm plant
  • Furnace simulations, NO reduction, Vattenfall, Stenungsund
  • Modelling of Turbulent Combustion including NO Chemistry
  • Modelling of the Holstebro-Struer Furnace
  • Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Reburning process in Waste Incinerators - Application to the SYSAV Incinerator
  • Combustion simulations, Vattenfall, Marvikspannan
  • Reburning Simulator - Implementation of a General Formalism for the Eddy Dissipation Concept in Kameleon II
  • Combustion modeling, Norwegian Research Council
  • Mathematical Modelling of Reburning - Description of Methods and Application to the Limnhamn Boiler and the Amager Boiler
  • Modelling and Chemical Reactions - Development and Test of a Chemical model
  • Reburning, International Experiences with Reburning with Special Emphases on  Reburning Fuel injection and Mixing
  • Numerical Calculation of Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Full Chemical Kinetics, Combustion Institute
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