Offshore gas dispersion - Reference projects


A detailed list of our reference projects can be provided upon request.

Examples from our project portfolio are given below:

  • Exhaust Dispersion from Diesel Engines, Statfjord C
  • LNG dispersion and fire simulations with KFX
  • Exhaust Dispersion Analysis with Respect to Working Environment – Heimdal V&M
  • Exhaust Dispersion Analysis -  Heimdal platform
  • Exhaust Dispersion _ Statfjord B/C
  • Accidental gas leakage investigation- Visund platform
  • Exhaust dispersion - Al Shaheen Field Quatar
  • Gas dispersion and fire development, VR application - Ormen Lange
  • Gas dispersion and fire analysis – Snorre A platform
  • Turbine exhaust dispersion – Gullfaks C platform
  • Fire simulation/smoke dispersion on the Plutonio FPSO
  • Gorm platform – Gas dispersion Analysis
  • Temperature Analysis of turbine intakes Heidrun platform
  • Natural gas leakage analysis, Syd Arne platform
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis– BP Atlantis platform
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis– BP Mad Dog platform
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis– BP Marlin platform
  • Fire and Smoke Analysis– Ekofisk
  • Gas Dispersion Analysis– Valhall IP
  • Contaminated inert vent gas dispersion, Terra Nova
  • Exhaust and smoke dispersion, Valhall
  • Vent gas dispersion Jotun FPSO and Balder FPSO
  • Numerical analysis of exhaust dispersion and flare gas dispersion on the Ringhorne platform
  • Gas dispersion Balder FPSO
  • Gas dispersion Jotun FPSO
  • Fire development and smoke dispersion, Ringhorne
  • Exhaust dispersion and helideck turbulence, Ringhorne
  • Exhaust dispersion Gullfaks C
  • Terra Nova Field Development Project. Smoke, Gas Dispersion & Fire Consequence
  • Dispersion of gas turbine exhaust above helideck, Troll C
  • Environmental flow study, Laminaria
  • Dispersion of turbine exhaust, Gullfaks A
  • Fire Analysis, Gullfaks A
  • Gas dispersion Varg
  • CO2 Dispersion Study, Sleipner A
  • Fire Analysis, B11 Ekofisk
  • Fire and Gas Dispersion Study, Sleipner Vest SLT
  • Gas Detection Study, Troll Olje
  • Environmental Flow Study, Troll Olje
  • Environmental Flow Study, Sleipner Vest SLT
  • Gas Dispersion Study, Petrojarl I
  • Exhaust Dispersion Study, Statfjord A
  • Environmental Flow Study, Heidrun
  • Environmental Flow Study, Brage
  • Gas Dispersion Study, Lille Frigg
  • Transient Fire Development and Smoke Distribution, Scandinavian Star Accident Investigation
  • Study of CO2 Dispersion, Sleipner
  • Study of Natural Gas Dispersion
  • Exhaust Gas Dispersion Study, Gullfaks A
  • Quantitative Assessment of Gas Concentration and Respective Extensions, Draugen
  • Gas Dispersion and Heat Radiation Study Sealine Blowdown Study
  • Gas Dispersion Study - Draugen
  • Gas Dispersion Offshore. A Handbook for Gas Dispersion Engineering Offshore
  • Numerical Calculation of Gas Dispersion inside a Natural Ventilated Module
  • Three-Dimensional Numerical Calculations of Flowfield and Gas Dispersion around a Simplified Platform Model. Comparison with Windtunnel Experiments
  • Fully Three-Dimensional Numerical Calculation of an Experimental Blow-Out situation, with and without Combustion, inside a Drilling Module
  • Gas Dispersion Study - Troll Field
  • Numerical Calculation of Dispersion from an Uncontrolled Gas Blowout


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