Onshore gas dispersion and fire - Reference projects


A detailed list of our reference projects can be provided upon request.

Examples from our project portfolio are given below:

  • CO2 gas dispersion simulations, Mongstad
  • Smoke dispersion in public area Stavanger
  • Gas Dispersion in Terrain, Norway
  • Smoke dispersion analysis Lysaker Train Station, Oslo
  • Analysis of gas jet flames, onshore plant in France
  • Gas Dispersion from Leak in Onshore Process Plant
  • LNG dispersion and fire simulations with KFX
  • Analysis of Jet Fire Heat Loads on Buildings
  • LNG fire simulations with KFX
  • Simulation of LNG fire develeopment, France
  • Flare Analysis Easington Terminal. Radiation, Noise, Startup, Ignition
  • Gas dispersion and fire development, VR application - Ormen Lange
  • Smoke dispersion analysis Oppdal Kulturhus
  • Smoke dispersion analysis Fokus Bank, Trondheim
  • Simulation of gas leakages in garages, France
  • Simulation of city fire, Trondheim Norway
  • Evaluation of explosive gas clouds from natural gas leaks, France
  • Analysis of Fire monitor system- Snøhvit LNG plant
  • Simulation of fire in a road tunnel - Korea
  • Gas dispersion analysis of the new laboratory center of RiT2000, the new hospital in Trondheim
  • The Lillestrøm train accident investigation, propane fire development
  • Gas dispersion analysis Realfagbygget, NTNU
  • Smoke dispersion analysis in the new Rikshospitalet
  • Study of Natural Gas Dispersion from a Large Natural Gas Storage, Sweden
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