ComputIT aims at Olympic gold in ski jumping

Today details decide whether you end up with a gold medal or a 20th place in international competitions in ski jumping. In an R&D project financed by Nammo in cooperation with NTNU and Olympiatoppen in Norway, ComputIT has developed an advanced ski jumping simulator for optimization of ski jumpers' flight from take-off till landing.

The mathematical and physical laws of aerodynamics are the same for an airplane and for a ski jumper. An advanced simulation tool for detailed aerodynamics studies of a ski jumper's flight has therefore been developed based on ComputIT's technology and internationally recognized expertise within aerodynamic design of space shuttles, rockets, wind turbines and airplanes. This advanced simulator is capable of predicting effects on the ski jumping length from different positioning of the arms, different ski angles, different take-off positions among other details. One will also be able to test and optimize different ski jumping styles in different ski jumping hills and for different weather conditions. In this way, each ski jumper can learn how to improve his or her ski jumping under various conditions in order to get the longest possible ski jumps. The goal is to help the Norwegian ski jumping team to win gold medals in coming World Cups, World Championships and Winter Olympics through advice based on scientific methods and research.

Contact person: Dr. Ivar J. Øye,

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