New rocket motor technology powering the Bloodhound supersonic car

Rocket scientists at ComputIT and Nammo in Norway are developing new hybrid rocket motor technology. This will also be used to power the Bloodhound supersonic car towards a new land speed record of 1000 mph in 2016!

VIDEO: Recently released video of the successful rocket motor test firing at Nammo's test site, published by the Bloodhound supersonic car project.

The new rocket technology for atmospheric research, space applications - and really fast cars - represents a safe, controllable, low-cost and green alternative for rocket propulsion.

ComputIT’s internationally recognized specialists on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of compressible turbulent flow and combustion are playing a vital part in the development and design of the new hybrid rocket motor. The propulsion system is based on a rocket propellant combination of hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizer and synthetic rubber as the fuel. The present hybrid rocket motor represents the latest in the evolution of such technology, and the development is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA).

More information can be found in Nammo’s press release from October 2014.

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