DNV GL selects KFX as the preferred software for LNG dispersion and fire study

DNV GL in Houston and ComputIT have won a contract to do a CFD fire study for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transfer and jetty facility on a river in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The contract calls for 54 LNG dispersion, pool and spray fire simulations including analysis of the mitigating effect of natural and manmade barriers. The 3D transient CFD simulations will be performed by ComputIT with our simulation software KAMELEON FIREEX KFX®, and the simulation results will be used as input for a Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) performed by DNV GL in Houston.

In a newsletter (June 2015), DNV GL states:
“KFX™ was selected as the preferred software to use in this study because it has a LNG pool fire model that accounts for the transient pool spreading, heat transfer from the water to the LNG and thermal radiation from the fire to the LNG pool. The distortion of the pool due to the river current is also accounted for. The aforementioned mechanisms are all crucial in correctly modeling the evaporation rate from the LNG pool which in turn determines the severity of the fire. In addition, KFX™ has an LNG spray model.”

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