Computational Industry Technologies AS, ComputIT, is a specialist company working internationally in the field of Environmental and Reactive Flows. The focus is on CFD-based turbulent flow and combustion using Kameleon FireEx KFX® for both analysis and design purposes. KFX® is probably the most advanced CFD code for gas dispersion, flare and fire simulation, and is gradually becoming an industry standard in this respect.

What we offer:

  • ComputIT offers KFX® as a commercially available product, based on different licensing models. Kameleon FireEx KFX ®
  • ComputIT offers analysis and design services based on our leading competence in the field of Environmental and Reactive Flows. ComputIT Services

In general ComputIT analyses are related to:

  • Fire safety design, i.e. simulation of all kind of fires and gas dispersion for safe and optimum design
  • Gas explosion safety utilizing KFX-Exsim
  • QRA related to fires and explosions
  • Environment, i.e. environmental impacts of combustion, in particular design and actions for reduction of emissions from various combustion devices and processes
  • Design, i.e. optimum and safe design of processes and equipment
  • Flare analysis and design
  • Ventilation/HVAC analysis and design
  • Industrial aerodynamics and marine hydrodynamics analyses for improved design and operation
  • Turbulent flow, combustion and applied thermodynamics in general
  • and others


The main market of ComputIT is the international oil and gas industry, and in particular the offshore sector that we have been working closely with for about thirty years. We have been involved in most offshore fields in the Norwegian sector, and also a large number of other oil and gas installations world wide. However, many of ComputIT’s customers are found in other markets as well, and we has also been engaged by governmental bodies for investigation of fire accidents.

Our philosophy is to develop and apply scientifically based methods to solve industrial problems, and significant contributions have through this philosophy been made to improve safety in the industry and to reduce the negative impacts on environment from the oil and gas activity.

The competence of ComputIT is characterized by a unique combination of high-level scientific expertise, many years of practical experience in solving industrial problems, and responsibility for probably the most advanced CFD simulator dedicated to the actual problems.

Research & development is continuously being focused on by ComputIT, and a major contribution to the scientific world of numerical combustion is the Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) developed by Professor Bjørn F. Magnussen at ComputIT/NTNU.

Important collaborating partners and customers are Statoil, Total, the ENI-group, ConocoPhillips, GdF Suez, BP, ExxonMobil, Sandia National Laboratories, engineering companies, risk management companies and universities worldwide.

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