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The competence of ComputIT is characterized by the unique combination of high-level scientific expertise, many years of practical experience in solving industrial problems, and responsibility for probably the most advanced CFD simulator dedicated to the actual problems. All our employees are high-level experts in the field of turbulent flow and combustion, and 60 % of  the technical staff has a PhD degree.

The company experience is international. Outside Scandinavia and the North Sea area ComputIT have been engaged in industry projects in Europe, Canada, USA and the Mexican Gulf, Africa, Persian Gulf and the far East. KFX® licenses are found in Asia, Europe and South America.

Key competences:

  • turbulent fluid flow
  • turbulent combustion
  • applied thermodynamics
  • computational fluid dynamics
  • development of CFD codes
  • development of graphical user interfaces
  • international experience in use of CFD for solving industrial problems
  • quantitative analyses of fire and explosion risk


We have a wide and long experience in carrying out industry analyses related to combustion technology as burner and incinerator design and operation, analyses of gas leakages, gas dispersion and detection, gas explosions, oil and gas fires, fire response in complex structures, flare systems, helicopter operation, ventilation of offshore modules, industrial buildings and tunnels as well as quantitative analyses of fire and explosion risk in the oil and gas industry.

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