ComputIT - Our history

ComputIT was established in 1999 in Trondheim, Norway, as a spin-off from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia).

In 2001 we established a branch office in Stavanger, Norway, and in July 2010 a branch office in Houston, Texas, USA, was opened. Furthermore, in 2010 ComputIT acquires and merges with CFD norway AS and becomes one of the largest industrial CFD companies in Norway, with outstanding expertise and broad international experience in solving industrial flow and combustion problems by advanced CFD technology.

Our focus is on bridging the gap between science and technology.

The competence of the company has been built up during a period of about 40 years of focused research, development and consultancy work within the field of turbulent flow and combustion, led by the awarded professor Bjørn F. Magnussen at ComputIT/NTNU/SINTEF.

Kameleon FireEx KFX® has been developed during three decades, and major international oil and gas companies have been partners in the development program and are today using the technology in daily operation and production. In this respect ComputIT represents an efficient tool for transfer of technology and knowledge, commercialization, maintenance, support, and continuous development of the code, also in relation to other industries and branches.

The business idea of ComputIT is:

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