ComputIT – Markets

ComputIT`s main market is the international oil and gas industry, and in particular the offshore sector. However, many of ComputIT’s customers are also found in other markets, as the land-based oil and gas industry, power generation industry, chemical industry, the transport sector, maritime sector, the construction and building sector and the public sector. ComputIT has also been engaged by governmental bodies for investigation of fire accidents.

ComputIT has been involved in most offshore oil and gas fields in the North sea area. We have been engaged in analyses for installations in the Persian Gulf, in the Mexican Gulf, at the African coastline, the New Foundland area and others. Similar analyses have been carried out for onshore plants in several European countries, in Korea and in Taiwan.

Our onshore activities are not only related to safety but also to industry applications as combustion devices, burners, furnaces and incinerators, and includes for instance waste combustion and fluidized bed.

Our services are carried out for all kinds of platforms and rigs, FPSO´s, onhore process plants, tunnels, buildings, burners, incineratorers, etc. Our main clients are oil and gas companies, land-based industry companies, engineering companies, risk management companies, and we collaborate with universities worldwide.

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