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Kameleon FireEX KFX®

ComputIT offers the KFX® program suite as a commercially available product, based on different licensing models. KFX® is probably the most advanced CFD code for gas dispersion, flare and fire simulation, and is gradually becoming an industry standard in this respect. The KFX® program suite is used worldwide for both analysis and design purposes.

Kameleon FireEx KFX®

ComputIT Services

ComputIT offers consultancy services in the area of fire safety, environment and process design.  We also utilize our technology for other application areas, see the more detailed information below. Our services and analyses are being carried out for all kinds of oil and gas platforms, FPSOs, onshore process plants, combustion devices as burners and incinerators, tunnels, buildings, etc.
Our services also include contract research and we have ongoing R&D programs funded by the industry and we collaborate with universities worldwide.

In general ComputIT analyses are related to:

  • Fire safety design, i.e. simulation of all kind of fires and gas dispersion for safe and optimum design
  • Gas explosion safety design
  • Environment, i.e. environmental impacts of combustion, in particular design and actions for reduction of emissions from various combustion devices and processes
  • Design, i.e. optimum and safe design of processes and equipment
  • Flare analysis and design
  • Quantitative analyses of fire and explosion risk (QRA)
  • Ventilation/HVAC analysis and design
  • Helideck turbulence analysis
  • Wind loads on structures and wind chill analysis
  • CO2 safety analyis related to CCS facilities and infrastructures
  • Turbulent flow, combustion and applied thermodynamics in general


ComputIT Services

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