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Our philosophy is to develop and apply scientific based methods to solve industrial problems. Significant contributions have through this philosophy been made to improve safety in the industry, and to reduce the negative impacts on environment from the oil and gas activity.

Research and development is a main activity for ComputIT, and our focus is on bridging the gap between science and technology. A major contribution to the scientific world of numerical combustion that has shown to be very useful for industrial applications is the Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) by Professor Bjørn F. Magnussen of ComputIT/NTNU, a concept that is implemented in most commercial CFD codes that are treating turbulent combustion. Professor Magnussen was also awarded the Statoil Research Price in 1995 for major contributions to the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

About 40% of ComputIT’s turnover is related to R&D activities. ComputIT has a scientific approach to practical problems, i.e. our focus is to develop practical tools that are based on scientific methods and models, and more than 50 % of the technical staff has a PhD degree. Our R&D projects are funded by our industry customers.

Our main fields of R&D:

  • Contract research in all relevant application areas for turbulent flow and combustion (see Services)
  • Substantial development projects related to specific KFX® topics, today funded by Statoil, Total, ENI, ConocoPhillips, Gassco and the Research Council of Norway
  • Substantial R&D activities within water-based fire mitigation, including large-scale experiments at SINTEF NBL, supported by Statoil, ConocoPhillips Norge, Gassco and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
  • LNG dispersion and fire for realistic scenarios
  • Dispersion of CO2 in realistic terrain and geometries
  • Hydrogen dispersion, explosion and fire in realistic geometries

ComputIT also carries out development in the field of numerical combustion for Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) in the USA. SNL is using KFX® under the brand name VULCAN for research purposes in USA.

The ComputIT R&D team is constantly improving the EDC - the core of Kameleon FireEx. Major partners in the development and industrialization of KFX® are Statoil, Total, ENI, ConocoPhillips, Gassco, GdF Suez, BP and Sandia National Laboratories, in addition to engineering companies, risk management companies and universities worldwide.

ComputIT has also been engaged by governmental bodies for investigation of fire accidents.

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